GrungeVogue occasionally lends out clothing, and accessories to fashion photographer's stylist, musicians, and artist for use in photo shoots, and events/appearances for promotional purposes. Pulls are subject to approval and this contract is to be filled out in person on the BORROW DATE. 



  • Samples are for the sole purpose of editorial shoots, events and appearances by the signor named below.
  • The signor will give GrungeVogue full credit in print, online, social media or on television. The credit must be as follow: on Instagram and Facebook: Earrings from @grungevogue; on print: Earrings from GrungeVogue.
  • A copy of the publication, online, social media, or television in which the item will be used will be to GrungeVogue the same time as everyone else on the project.
  • GrungeVogue reserves the rights to use the images for its own promotional purposes. On all social media accounts, print, and website. 
  • If signor, or anyone working on the project would like to purchase items, they will receive 25% off item/s.
  • The signor agrees to full responsibility and care of the listed items while in their possession.
  • If you are out of the state of Washington, you will be responsible for shipping. Item/s will be your responsibility until items have been received. Contract will be emailed and signed electronically. 
  • The item/s must be returned in the same condition in which they received by the RETURN DATE. This includes labels and price tags in original condition. For events events and appearances, garments MUST BE DRY CLEANED when returned.
  • As security, GrungeVogue will take a credit card number. Any lost or damaged items will be invoiced accordingly at full retail price to the credit card.
  • If no content, or photos are produced or received by agreed date %50 of item/s will be charged. This is due to time of items being loaned out, and not available to other stylist, photographers who may have been turned down while in the signor's possession. 
  • GrungeVogue reserves the right to invoice full value for any item not received by the agreed upon RETURN DATE, unless there has been a approved extension prior to the signed agreement.




 GrungeVogue LLC looks forward to collaborating and connecting to artistic, editorial, stylist, photographers, musicians and artist.